Inference Technologies

deep data insights,cutting edge automation


Deep data insights and cutting edge automation powered by AI.

1. Business

Understanding objectives and requirements. Converting these inputs into a machine learning problem definition.

2. Data

Data preprocessing. Table, record and feature selection-creation. Transformation, imputation and cleaning of data.

3. Model

Applying state of the art AI algorithms. Training, validating and testing models within our ever-evolving ecosystem of tools and techniques for optimal performance.

4. Evaluation

Thorough model evaluation and reviewing to complete the Business-Data-Model-Evaluation cycle iteration.

5. Deployment

Presenting and visualizating data insights. Deploying and maintaining the model for cutting edge automation of complex systems.


Radomir's Photo

Radomír Lenhard


Semiconductor industry veteran with extensive manufacturing and technology R&D experience.

Petr's Photo

Petr Lenhard


Graduated in mathematical physics, specializing in Deep learning, Bayesian statistics and Big data.


Nvidia Inception Program
Proud member of Nvidia's Inception Program.

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Do you breathe R code and enjoy working in a small creative startup team on projects ranging from data preprocessing, machine/deep learning to model deployment in the dawn of AI? Please contact us.